Italian Inspired SPICE – SAT. 2/9 DINNER SOLD OUT

Italian Inspired SPICE - SAT. 2/9 DINNER SOLD OUT

We wanted to let everyone know that our Italian SPICE Dinner is completely sold out for Saturday, Feb. 9th.

For those of you who can’t join us tomorrow, we hope you can attend our next dinner!

Happy Friday!



After a long break traveling around the world and working like crazy we’re finally back in action. I must say. We are so excited for this dinner! While spending some time eating and drinking our way through Tuscany over Christmas, Kelly and I were inspired to bring back a little piece of our trip to all of you. As we started thinking about this dinner we thought, “what the hell. If we’re going to do it let’s go big.”

Now here’s where the fun begins. We’ve managed to wrangle together some of our favorite underground Italian Chefs. John Churillo (or “chu” as we call him) has always been our go to guy for homemade pasta. When you grow up visiting family in the south of Italy every year and you’re the only one of your 75 cousins to hang with grandma in the kitchen you learn a thing or two. What was even better is that when I gave him a buzz he was delighted to tell me that he had just returned from a wild boar hunt and we all know what that means for us! CINGHIALE!! Now that we had our pasta man locked it was time to call in the troops from across the country.

We are excited to share that our long time friend and founder (Jason Anello) of the famed Forking Tasty Dinners in Brooklyn will be joining us in the kitchen for a very special meal. SPICE and Forking Tasty will unite for a one night only, chef’s table, Italian celebration. Drawing from Ben, John and Jason’s extensive travels through Italy we’ll present a 7-course meal that’s sure to keep you guessing what’s next. Following the traditional style of Italian suppers you’ll work your way through an unexpected series of dishes, flavors and presentation. Drawing on northern, southern and foreign influences the meal will be an over-the-top tour for your taste buds and emotions alike. We’ll also pair select Italian and Californian wines that match the dinners flavor progression from small to big. This one comes with major bragging right so grab a seat while you can. We only have room for eight (8) food friends so they’ll go VERY fast. The dinner contribution for this one will be $80

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