SPICE Oktoberfest Celebration

Join us this Saturday, October 22nd, for a fun and festive evening in true Oktoberfest style!

With this year marking the 201st anniversary of the original Munich Oktoberfest, we thought … well of course we should join in the celebration with a SPICE Oktoberfest.

As many of you know, with the closing of Amberjack earlier this year, we’ve been on the hunt for a new venue. Unfortunately, the reality is, we still haven’t found one. So we figured, what the hell, let’s bring SPICE back to our home where it all started almost two years ago. Yeah yeah, we know this is VERY last minute but … we just couldn’t let another month go by. We miss you guys damn it!

So in honor of the wonderful month of October, Ben and Kyle have reinvented some of the most traditional Bavarian food most commonly found at Oktoberfest celebrations around the world – a variety of homemade sausages/wursts, pork chops, sauerkraut and cabbage. And although we love our wine, the hero for this Saturday’s SPICE will be our international brew tasting station!

So grab your beer stein and throw on your lederhosens if you feel so inclined and come celebrate with us!

We’ve only got room for 30, so RSVP as soon as possible if you want to attend. Please make note that this month’s SPICE will be a casual, non-seated event.

When: Saturday, October 22nd @ 6:00pm

Where: Noe Valley, San Francisco (the specific address will be sent upon confirmation)

Member’s Share Contribution: $50 per person

Purchase Tickets Here: Tickets

ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit

(a toast to good cheer!)

The SPICE Crew

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