Fun In The Sun … And A Little Rain

Well … With a whole lotta work and a little help from the weather gods, our first SPICE-Y BBQ was a huge success.  Setting up a kitchen in the park was definitely a lot more work than Greg and I expected and we had to break out some sales skills and talk ourselves out of a little trouble.  Luckily for us, this is San Francisco.  Our new friends from the Latino Gay Pride Celebration came to the rescue.  Little did we know that we needed all those permits to host a BBQ in the park.  Ramon and his organization let us be a part of their event for a small donation and we were in the clear.  The first hour or so we had a few sprinkles but just after 2pm the clouds parted and the park was covered in sun.  Everyone was having a good time.  We had dogs and moms and dads and kids and even a few tight rope walkers.  We even made a few new friends.  It was another great SPICE event.  Thanks to everyone who came out to support us.  Kelly and Nissa made their fundraising goals and are getting ready for their races in a few weeks.  The rest of us are recovering and are excited to have the month of October off.  We’ll be sending out details on our November event soon so keep your eyes peeled for the invite.
Ben, Kelly, Greg, Nissa and EB

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